When you have a wedding to plan, the last thing on your mind may just be the food. 

With dresses, bridesmaids, flowers and fun to think about, it can sometimes be easy to overlook your menu entirely. 

If you want to impress your guests and give everyone an experience they won’t forget, though, you’ll do what smart brides do and plan ahead and hire us, 

Big Flavours – the best wedding food catering services in Melbourne.

We can get started as early as possible with your planning. The more prepared you are for your big day, the better off you – and your food – will be.

 We have everything you need to plan the wedding menu of your dreams.


While planning the wedding menu, we are going to ask you to consider the number of guests you’ll have, as well as the overall demographic you’re welcoming.

 Will there be many children? If so, and an open bar probably isn’t ideal. Are there dietary restrictions or cultural traditions you need to be wary of when choosing your menu? 

All of these needs are to be considered beforehand, so no one goes home hungry.


Lastly, we have the experience to offer the best, but remember: no one knows your vision and your guests like you do. Accept suggestions, talk through ideas, but ultimately: 

let the idea of what your guests would enjoy, be the winner.



Big Flavours is a Melbourne based catering company committed to providing our customers with amazing food and impeccable service. 

We have 14 years experience working in the hospitality industry, with our head chef working in some of the best dining establishments such as Maze by Gordon Ramsey, 

Vue de Monde by Shannon Bennet and Circa, the Prince by Paul Wilson in Melbourne to name a few.



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