Unable to view transactions on blockchain after Coinbase Pro log in

Currently every person is talking about cryptocurrency and in this one of the most common that has been in use is Blockchain. But not everyone knows what exactly Blockchain is. 

Blockchain is the technology that enables the security and transparency of the transactions, and it also stores the data. Like in accounts we maintain our records in ledger account, therefore blockchain is also like a ledger account in trading. 

This blog will guide you about the reasons of why you are unable to view transactions on blockchain after Coinbase Pro log in.

Steps to view your Transactions on Coinbase Pro

  1. Open the website Pro Coinbase.com .
  2. Then, click on Coinbase Pro log in and enter your details.
  3. On the screen you will see the option of transaction history. 
  4. After clicking on transaction history page, you will be able to view your all previous transactions. 

Now if you are unable to view your transactions on blockchain then it could be because of following mentioned reason

Whenever someone makes any transaction using the Bitcoin, the transaction history gets stored in “memory pool” for confirmation after the confirmation they gets stored on the official ledger which is known as blockchain.

But, due to the increasing demand there are so many transactions that deare stored in the memory pool which in result delays the confirmation of transaction because of too many pending data. 

Hence, without confirmation you won’t be able to view your transaction on blockchain.

Transactions sometimes may take 48 hours sometime to complete the process or sometimes even in just a few minutes. But you don’t have to worry it is normal for blockchains to have these kind of delays. 

 Reasons for unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions:

  • Since the software is designed in such a way that if a user pays higher transaction fess then that transaction will be given priority to in terms of verification. And the one who have paid lower fees have to wait for it. 
  • There might be some issue in the receiver’s wallet. If the receiver has a restricted wallet or is an inactive receiver. This might be a reason as to why there is a delay in the showing of information.
  • It could be because of Internet failure. It is simple that if your device is having an Internet failure then there will obviously an error in displaying information.

Usually the waiting period is of 48 hours but if you are still unsure then you can cancel your unconfirmed transactions. This method is known as Replace-by-Fee (RBF) Protocol. In this protocol, you can send your transaction with a higher transaction fees. 

The Bottom Line


Waiting for just a transaction is a frustrating experience especially in case of emergency but, we can not do anything else it is the time period to which we all have to abide by. You can do Coinbase Pro log in on Pro Coinbase.com to check your transaction status. Hope this blog was helpful enough to solve your queries.  


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