While chair hire remains a key component of furniture rentals for weddings and large functions, the cost of living crisis has meant that budgetary constraints are at an all time high. This makes it more pertinent than ever to get the most bang for your buck when hiring chairs and tables. Knowing how to get value for money from chair hire doesn’t require much research, but a little effort can help make the difference. This article offers a few tips from our experience at Expo Hire on how you can maximise your chair hire budget. What kind of chair hire do you need? When first looking at chair hire on a website, it can be quite bewildering to look at the choices available. If you are new to the idea of renting furniture, then it can be difficult to know what to choose, particularly if you are looking for something that is “basic” or “standard”. Furniture hire companies rarely list products as being “standard”, simply because the word has negative connotations in what is an aspirational business. The kind of chair hire required will much depend on the setting it is to be used in. Indoor settings, particularly functions and […] read more