Since 1982, Keller Engineering has been offering comprehensive assessment services for buildings and systems to a diverse range of clients as a multi-disciplinary engineering and building science firm. With expertise in several markets, including condominium, commercial, residential, and public buildings, the firm offers a wide range of consulting services designed to safeguard clients’ investments.  At Keller Engineering, we understand that buildings are complex systems that require expert knowledge and attention to detail to ensure they operate safely, efficiently, and reliably. Our team of experienced professionals has the technical expertise and industry knowledge needed to assess, design, and implement customized solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Reserve Fund Study in Ottawa   One of the key services we offer is Reserve Fund Studies in Ottawa. A Reserve Fund Study is a comprehensive financial and engineering analysis of a building’s common elements and systems, designed to provide a long-term plan for the repair, replacement, and maintenance of these elements. Our team works closely with clients to assess their building’s current state, identify potential future issues, and develop a customized plan that ensures the building is maintained in a safe and reliable manner.  Engineering Consulting Firms in Toronto   We also offer Engineering […] read more