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The healing power of Nature

Have you ever felt an intense need for fresh air? Have you felt anxious and suddenly a small plant of the rose made your day? The long walk to a meadow of flowers in the spring, can cure plenty of issues in life. Nature has indeed enabled us to connect with the multitude. When you go out in the parks or near the river you see plenty of people adoring the beauty of nature, and finding the peace they somehow lost. Some people roaming with pets, exercising, boating, mba essay writing help hamilton and socializing with people around in the park. Youngsters have been giggling. Grandparents with wonderful offspring. There are multiple methods to deflect your concentration from an overload of your work and restart your circadian rhythm. One study from the University of Exeter by experts like Mathew white and his co-workers exemplified that people who spend at least 2 hours or more in green environments like parks, open spaces, jungle, etc. showcase that they have better mental and physical health compared to those who do not spend any time near nature. some hours spent in nature is worth enough for reasonable overall health.   Nature deficit disorder is […] read more
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Coding to resolve health sector discriminations

  In a world full of computers, technology and people being part of a knowledge society. Every aspect of our lives is regulated by computers to operate a computer we need to convey instructions, and the normal language of humans may not be as beneficial as the language of a computer, yes you heard the right computer does have a set of languages that can be used to instruct the computer the command. It’s popularly known as code and the process of providing instruction is called coding, people who code are known as programmers. Nowadays coding is a way to resolve every problem in our society. Mercy Oladipo is a student of MIT who was as confused as any other person can be while selecting her major as her curiosity was both in medicine as well as engineering. She mba essay writing help hamilton went for a hybrid course which was computer science with biology. It was initially challenging for her as she has to learn to code as well as medical-related.   Her interest lies in combining both technology and medicine to develop tools for removing stratification in the health sector. as above mentioned her main aim was to […] read more
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