1. Purring You should know Cats purr when they are happy. They Self-Soothe but also when they’re nervous or in pain. Some experts believe this latter type of purring is a self-soothing mechanism. Dogs and other pets need exercise to stay in good health most especially when you got a birman cat for sale from a reliable breeder. The frequency of their purr, is one at which bones and muscles best “grow and repair themselves,” . Keeping your dog, cat, bird, or fish nourished is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a pet owner. 2. They’re Not Afraid to Set Boundaries Cats are curious about their surroundings and reach places that you might have considered as safe to store chemical products. When cats don’t cover their poop in their litter box, it’s their way of saying, “I ain’t afraid of no human.” At times, your cat may want to rest after having the adventure of its lifetime and it would want to do so in a place that is a haven.   3. They Have a Skin-care (and Fur-care) Routine Most especially, birman cats for sale. Grooming helps cats spread natural oils through their skin and coat, […] read more