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Monkey Forest, A Sacred Natural Site Open to the public.

One of the forests where monkeys live but is open to the public. There, visitors can interact and even take selfies with the monkeys. Ubud Monkey Forest is an old school tour but still has its own charm for tourists visiting Ubud. Ubud Monkey Forest. Ubud is the rosy charm of Bali, especially among world tourists. The rapid development of art and culture combined with beautiful nature makes this area in Gianyar always crowded with visitors. Ubud Monkey Forest Attraction Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred forest that is home to hundreds of long-tailed monkeys. The monkey herd has existed for hundreds of years and is divided into 4-6 groups that occupy different areas. This nature reserve forest has an area of approximately 12.5 hectares. A small, verdant forest with a collection of at least 115 different tree species. In addition, the Wenara Wana Monkey Forest also includes a temple complex. In this forest lies the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The temple, which comes with very ancient and artistic architecture and ornaments, has become a “Source of Holiness” for other temples. Activities in Ubud Monkey Forest Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest […] read more
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Exciting Bukit Campuhan Trekking in Bali

For those of you who are connoisseurs of natural beauty and like physical activities, visiting Campuhan Hill can be the best choice. Campuhan Hill has another nickname, namely Campuhan Ridge Walk. Gusti Made Travel To get to the top, visitors have to climb about 2 km and follow a straight path 1.5 m wide with stunning natural scenery on either side. This hill is located in the same area as Gunung Lebah Temple, to get to the hill you have to go through the Ibah Villas & Suites entrance gate. There, you will find directions to Campuhan hill. Campuhan Hill is located on Jalan Bangkiang Sidem, Kelusa, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Presenting the natural scenery of Ubud Village with green trees The tall and green grass is the main attraction of this hill tour. Views like this will accompany you during your vacation time in this place. Quiet Countryside The calming atmosphere in this place can certainly be used for those of you who want to unwind and refresh to refresh your mind. Even though during the holiday season, this place is more crowded, tourists can still enjoy a fairly calm atmosphere on this green hill. Fresh and Pollution […] read more
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Gates of Heaven and majestic mountains Lempuyang Temple

    Lempuyang Temple Tour in Bunutan Karangasem Bali is one of the tourist attractions located in Bunutan Village, Karangasem District, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Lempuyang Temple Tour in Bunutan Karangasem Bali is a bustling tourist spot with tourists on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and can give a different sensation to our daily activities.           Gates of Heaven   This temple is located in Purahayu village, Abang sub-district, Karangasem district which can be reached in approximately 2.5 hours from Denpasar city. This temple is one of the 6 most important temples in Bali which is called the sad kahyangan universe temple. From history, it is not known when this temple stood and some say the temple existed before the pre-Hindu Buddha. The word lempuyang comes from the words lamp and hyang, each of which means the light of God. Taking pictures in the temple gate is the best because the background is tropical forests and majestic mountains from a distance.       Bali has always been a world tourism destination, no wonder so many tourists come to this island. Moreover, in the era of the development of smart phones with various […] read more
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5 Must Do Things When Traveling in Bali

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned one, it’s important that you plan your trip in Bali so you make the most of your time there. There are many ways to relax on the island, explore the temples or get a massage. Rent a scooter A scooter can make your trip to Bali much easier. If you are staying in a resort, hotel, or other accommodation, you might be able hire a scooter. This is not always possible. There are many street scooter rental businesses all over the island. Some vendors may not offer free delivery. It is a good idea that you check the contract before renting a scooter. It is important to know what type of insurance is included. It is also important to verify that the scooter is in working order. Many scooters are just a few years old, and could be mechanically defective. While you are in Bali, you should also buy travel insurance. This will protect you in the event that you are injured or fall ill during your trip. It may also be used to pay for hospital visits. Hire a local guide If you are planning to travel to […] read more
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