Digital analytics is the process of gathering and evaluating product data from different digital marketing sources to create better marketing strategies and tactics. The best example of companies using digital analytics marketing is Netflix and Amazon.  Nowadays, most companies are realizing the importance of digital marketing analytics. Digital analytics can help to improve marketing campaigns, enhance customer experience and reduce churn. Therefore, businesses are turning towards digital analytics tools.  Here, in this blog, we will give you the digital analytics definition, examples, and tools that you can utilize for your business.  What is digital analytics?  Digital analytics is the method of collecting and evaluating data from all digital marketing sources. Companies utilize digital analytics for experimentation, to make data-driven decisions, to improve customer experience, and boost retention. To gather digital analytics you can use an analytics tool like WebMaxy Analyzer. It can help you to gain insights into your website visitors’ behavior and patterns. The best way to amplify business opportunities is by taking the analytics-first approach. To go a step ahead of your competitors you must use analytics data. How can you use digital analytics?  You must be aware that Netflix and Amazon have grown as big business giants in the last few years. The crucial factors behind […] read more