Flipkart has a rewards programme for its consumers called Flipkart Plus. For every purchase they make on the Flipkart website or mobile app, customers who participate in this programme receive rewards. Additionally, this membership provides benefits like free or speedy delivery, excellent customer service, early access to specials, discounts, and several other things. Know more abou Flipkart super coin value in Rupees at https://hyyzo.com/blog/how-to-use-flipkart-supercoin/

To get started, you must shop on Flipkart and accumulate 200 Super Coins within a year. Once all of the coins have been collected, you can activate your Plus membership. Simply click the “Join Now” button on the Flipkart Plus membership page to sign up for this rewards programme.

You can benefit from a number of subscriptions by using the Flipkart Super Coins from the rewards programme. The following are some methods for using Flipkart Super Coins to get the fantastic advantages that would be beneficial. A few of the free subscriptions include the following: – A ZEE 5 subscription, a premium YouTube account, and Disney+. Offers for Hotstar Subscriptions to Indian Citizens:

There are numerous choices available to an Indian citizen. The e-commerce linked partners that allow you to use Super Coins on their platforms are listed below:

  1. ShemarooMe Membership

  2. Tinder Subscription, 

  3. Book My Show Subscription,

  4. MPL Subscription,

  5. Sony Live Subscription, and more

Flipkart Super Coins’s validity.

The lifespan of Flipkart Super Coins is a year. As an illustration, if you win 100 Super Coins in November 2022, they will be valid until November 30th, 2023—a whole year. Learn more about how to use Flipkart super coins at https://hyyzo.com/blog/how-to-use-flipkart-supercoin/


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