Arthritis Causes, Symptoms and treatment

That mild pain in your hands, knees, back neck and ankles, particularly prevailing among men andwomen above the age 50 years, you should start caring for your bone health. Because, arthritis starts silently and if it goes unnoticed, it is seen as arthritis.

So what exactly is arthritis?

With limited movement, it deeply affects joints and connected tissues around the body and sometimes they cause pain and swelling.

Arthritis means – swelling or inflammation and redness of a joint. Where two or more bones meet together, that is explained as a joint and most of the arthritis diseases begin in joints causing pain, stiffness and swelling. Even muscles and bones also cause pain.

Especially seen in women than men, mostly arthritis affects in old age. 

Types of Arthritis

There are two different types of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common type of arthritis. It occurs mostly in joints such as in the places where the knee, spine and hip rests. The main problem that is identified in arthritis is – the cartilage wears out and it narrows the joint space. Sometimes, it also causes overgrowth reducing the functions. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory problem that occurs in the lining of joints and this inflammation affects all the joints and sometimes it can also affect other organs like lungs and heart.

Arthritis Causes

What are the cause of arthritis? The causes can vary depending on the work 

activities that you do everyday and also depending on the overall health, arthritis 


There are other rheumatoid arthritis such as – scleroderma, lupus, gout, and others are also linked to body’s immune system and to genes. 

Other times, identifying causes of arthritis is also difficult and unknown.

Who is at risk with Arthritis Symptoms 

Mostly, arthritis comes with age. Consulting rthritis specialist, you will be able to know about how your body is responding to the treatment and what are the measures of care that you should take in the long-term.

But some of the people who are risk in developing arthritis are as follows:

Obese and over weight can cause damage to knee joints. This further leads to develop osteoarthritis.

If there had been an injury in a joint, and if it has been damaged by an injury, it is more likely to develop arthritis in the near future.

Infection or reactive arthritis can also affect joints. 

Arthritis doctor Hyderbad, conducts a complete diagnosis and provide most reliable and curing  treatment for arthritis. This helps you to perform your daily works smoothly and gives you relief from the pain.

Tests performed for diagnosing Arthritis

To prescribe good solutions for curing arthritis, first, it is important to perform some of the important tests that critically provide information about your joint and bone health.

Arthritis doctor Hyderbad is capable to perform the following tests to determine the problem of arthritis.

  • Blood Test that provides complete blood picture providing – CBC count, RBC, WBC and platelet levels.

  • ANA or Antinuclear antibody Test that checks the antibody levels in the blood.

  • Inflammation Test also called as Sedimentation rate

  • Creatinine test that checks for kidney disease.

  • Red blood cells test as Hematocrit.

  • Rheumatoid factor or RF Test helps in diagnose rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Uric acid test helps in diagnosing gout.

  • WBC count checks the level of white blood cells.

  • X-rays show how damaged a joint is.

  • Urine Test determines the protein and various blood cells.

  • HLA test identifies the genetic markers of ankylosing spondylitis.

  • Skin biopsy takes tissue samples to check under microscope for diagnosing the type of arthritis.

  • Muscle biopsy checks the tissues to diagnose the conditions that affect muscles. 

There are many arthritis solutions for cure and these are offered depending upon the condition and complete diagnosis of the patient.

Treatment of Arthritis 

What are the treatment options available after identifying arthritis causes.

  • Medications help for short-term offering relief from the pain.

  • Warm bath shower helps in relievingthe pain and apart from this heat pads and cold packs on the joints bring relief.

  • A brace applied in a joint helps in protecting from further damage.

  • Massage has proved to be a lot of help for the painful muscles as it increases blood flow and also brings warmth to the muscles.

  • Acupuncture is a technique implemented with needles that stimulate the naturally release of chemicals from the nervous system. 

  • TENS or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is another treamt offered with a device that sends electrical pulses to the painful area.



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